Yuhan Wang, Other Victims Affected by Corona Virus

If you are someone who loves a very famous fashion work in the world today, then surely you will get to know a famous designer from China named Yuhan Wang. Yuhan Wang is one of the victims who became a ferocity from the spread and emergence of Corona Virus disease that is currently happening. But not a victim affected by the virus, but rather the impact that happened to him.

Yuhan Wang was one of the designers present at the London Fashion Week event and was a contestant chosen to open and commence the London Fashion Week which was held on February 14, 2020, in the UK yesterday. When interviewed by Reuters print media, he claimed he must and would not want to reduce the collection that he was working on and exhibited at the London Fashion Week.One of the organizers who also handled the London Fashion Week program, Caroline Rush confirmed and supported the statement from Yuhan Wang. He said that a designer could not take or carry his existing collection and store it in China because of logistical issues. Besides, according to Rush, his party is also conducting acts of spread in helping deal with the Corona Virus that spreads.

This is done by providing an anti-bacterial liquid that can be used by all visitors and event organizers, as well as carrying out cleaning activities in more depth.

Not only Yuhan Wang, but designers from China have also canceled their participation in shows at Paris Fashion Week, and postponed upcoming fashion events to be held in Beijing and Shanghai. Of course, this is due to a disease outbreak of the Corona Virus that is currently spreading. Because China is believed to be the country that gave rise to this disease, China is currently evacuating victims and other citizens to take preventative measures.

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