When London Fashion Week was Used as a Venue for Campaigns to Save The Environment

The London Fashion Week event, or better known as the abbreviation LFW, is held every two years. Incidentally, this year London has become the place to hold the event because London is already known as a home for designers who create various leading designs.

But unfortunately, these assumptions are not all considered true by people. Although it is already very well known for being the home place for leading-edge design, the appearance of the London Fashion Week event has made it a trend that lags. This was conveyed by Sarah Arnold, who is an activist who campaigned to stop the event from London Fashion Week. Because he felt that the performance of this event had contributed 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions because the industry had done overproduction and excess consumption had an impact on living things for the gas emissions created.

This action was carried out by blocking the road on the road outside the London Fashion Week event. They refused to give way at a busy intersection in central London. Previously, this activity was originally invited through Facebook social media with the contents of an invitation to anyone to voice environmental concern. Uniquely, the campaign activities were carried out creatively by the participants. Like using music, block-printing, making speeches, and also family activities.

With the elimination of the London Fashion Week event, it is hoped that it can make good environmental policies for the future. Because the event from London Fashion Week itself has absolutely no element in the care of the environment. This makes them forced to destroy and eliminate the event. This has also been conveyed to the British Fashion Council or BFC to be able to grant their requests. If not, they plan to build up more pressure and action than they are currently doing.

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