What You Should Do When You Are Stuck Inside A Lift

Lifts, also known as elevators, serve as the best time-saving innovation there is for a building. Lifts are able to help you move between floors in a building, making sure that you get to where you need to be in a matter of minutes. Can you imagine taking the stairs to the 30th floor of a building? Climbing from ground level to a level that is possibly reaching the clouds; imagine going through a walk like that in your office when you have a meeting to catch. You won’t be able to make it in time for you to meet, and even if you do make it on time, you won’t have the energy to go on with your day. Making sure that lifts are kept in good maintenance to keep a high-performing environment for your office.

Lifts, like other machines, can malfunction sometimes. They are not perfect because they are human-made and is still under development for new improvements. When lifts malfunction and stop working in your office during work hours, people might be stuck inside those lifts. Lifts can help you save time by getting you where you need to be in a matter of minutes, however, they can also be the reason why you won’t be able to move between floors. Lifts can get stuck because of a number of reasons. It could be because the lift reached its maximum weight limit, or maybe a blackout caused a failure in connection with the main system. Maintaining good care of your lifts will be essential to making sure that your lift is functioning properly.

When you are stuck inside a lift, you are limited from going on with your daily activities. You will be stuck in a small and closed space, where it can be highly uncomfortable with a large number of people. A lot of people are unaware of what to do when they are stuck inside a lift because it could be quite a confusing and unfamiliar situation for one to be in. Below, we talk about what you should do when you find yourself stuck inside a lift:

  • Take a deep breath: When you are stuck in an unfamiliar situation, it can be easy to find oneself to be panicking, especially because oxygen will be limited due to the closed and small space. You should keep your cool and take deep breaths. Panicking would not help the situation get better, it will only make it worse by making others panic and wasting oxygen or breathing space. 
  • Press the emergency button: A Lift or elevator has emergency buttons that can be used to call for help for when there is something wrong with them. Emergency buttons are made available inside the lifts to allow you to call for help for even when you are stuck inside the lift itself. 
  • Play icebreakers: When you are stuck inside a closed and small space, it can be quite stressful. Therefore keeping your cool and your mind straight will be essential to getting out of there. You will need to wait for someone to come and help you after you press the emergency button. You can pass the time and distract your mind by playing an icebreaker with those stuck inside the lift.

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