The Integral Part of Students Safety at School

Students’ safety is an important topic in every educational institutional area in entire globe and Australia is not an exception. The country has received an exceptional rating which shows that Australia is indeed a wonderfully safe country to study in and it welcomes international students wholeheartedly. It is important to guarantee that all the rules and policy are arranged to show seriousness of student safety issues. It’s not only to protect student from the crime event, but also the simply emergency event. That’s why student safety is always on top priority to make an ideal environment for learning processes, whenever in classroom, laboratory, and event on the street.

In classroom, for example, in Australia, emergency procedures need to be taught for getting their class safe in unexpected event such as natural disaster or crime event. Possible hazard can happen and people in classroom should have the fire exit route in the room. Students should be taught to tell an adult if feeling unsafe. Sometimes students do not understand the difference between tattling and telling an adult when they feel unsafe. Adult is the one who can help them immediately.

Same goes in laboratories. Students are familiar with scientific practicum as one of the subjects in school. Dealing with many organic and chemical components and also some risky tools make safety is no debatable. Any injuries can happen while practicing the experiments. Tool handling rules must be made so that students understand how to deal with the emergency event without being panicked.

Safety rules on the street are also important even it is not clearly seen. Students in Australia have tendency of going to school by their self as well leaving class from home. Safety signals on road are made so that everyone can easily understand it. It can be traffic lights or safety signs. Crossing road and using sidewalks is also important. As the example, line marking Melbourne is made to make people always use the side behind the line and crossing only at the line crossing (pedestrian crossing). Those kinds of examples are the proof that the city is being serious about the safety of students.

Being safe when getting in and out of vehicles such as school bus is also important. Parents should teach their kids to be punctual to avoid running behind moving bus and jumping on it after they start moving. Remind them always to never multitask while walking or running on a busy road. This is even applicable not only on main roads but on the neighborhood roads near home or school.

What is the purpose to teach the kids or students about these safety things? It’s all about the support in continuity of learning processes at school. Education process must be supported even by the simplest things. How can students continue their school when they got into accident or crime event because the safety rules not really help them at all? The rules should be well-understood for all of the students, so that the country will prove their safe country once again.

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