The Beautiful Arrangement for Your Loved One’s Final Goodbye

A funeral ceremony is the last gift that you could present to your loved one. Therefore it is essential to ensure for you to arrange the best and the most beautiful service for their final goodbye. To make this possible, you can ask for assistance from a professional funeral service company who is expertise in organizing a lot of unforgettable funeral service. If you are living in Sydney and want to arrange a memorable funeral in Sydney, there are many things that you can do to achieve it. Below we will give you a few ideas on how to arrange the beautiful final goodbye for your loved one:

1. Choose the special location

It would be the best idea to arrange the farewell of your loved one in their favorite place. It can bring the best memories of the life of the deceased. You can also make a special decoration which shows the precious things that they like, for example favorite flowers, most treasured photos, best artworks, and so on. It would be wise to place the large photo of the loved one at the center of the room; so that it can be the focus point. You can also set the decoration based on your loved one’s interest, for example choosing the color that is favorable by your loved one to be the main color that is used in the room. That way, the guests can keep the memories of the deceased’s life in mind. 

2. Play a memorable music

Throughout the life, the deceased may have their own taste of music. They may already have their most preferable song that they always listen to. This music can be played instrumentally in the background of the funeral service until the end of the event as a sweet reminder of the deceased. 

3. Play memorial footage

If possible, it would be the best idea to prepare a footage that is specifically made to tribute your loved one. You can show the old videos or photos that indicate how much the deceased is loved, even until his very last day on earth. All photos and videos can be gathered altogether in a slideshow, so it can be played during the funeral service along with the memorable music. This method can be the sweetest way to cherish and show gratitude or respect to the deceased. Moreover, it can also become the way of healing from grief and loss both for family and friends of the deceased.

4. Share stories

Everyone who comes to the funeral service may have different kind of relationship with the deceased. Consequently, it is obvious that they have different kind of remembrance. Therefore, it is the perfect time to recollect all memories from the past and share it with everyone in the room. It can be shared directly in front of everyone, or can also be written in an empty note or a book that has been prepared from the very beginning, so that the stories can be read during the event. This reminiscence can bring all the good past life stories of the deceased. We can understand the character and the personality of the deceased from other’s eyes as well. Furthermore, this method will also enable the guests to express their emotion, which can also be the most effective way of coping with the feeling of grief and loss. Sharing the stories of the deceased can help the people that are left behind by the deceased to know that they are not the only one person who grieves in the funeral.

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