Look Out For Appliance Repair Scam!

Most people will look for an appliance repair company or the warranty provider to fix their household appliances when something goes wrong. However, they might experience the risk of being scammed in doing this. And that’s applicable for you as well. If you are not careful in choosing the right appliance repair company, there’s a chance that your appliances may get further damaged, thus will cost you even more money to fix that. Surprisingly, these appliance repair scams are a common thing in this industry for decades. Therefore, it’s important to know how to identify these scams so that you don’t fall a victim.

Here are some of the common scams to look out for when it comes to appliance repair so you can avoid them and save yourself a headache:

The Pay First Scam

If you asked to make an upfront payment before they even repair or check your appliance, you better go somewhere else. A trustworthy repair company will get things done in advance and ensure your appliance is working properly before even demand for payment. 

Mishaps Scam

It usually happens when you leave the repairman alone and unsupervised. They get the chance to break something intentionally when you’re not around and will tell you later there’s another part that needs to be fixed, which then require additional fees. That’s why, unless you have worked with them before and trust them, try not to leave them alone while doing the service and check back often.

Lying About Their License

Some of the-so-called appliance repair companies will tell you they are licensed to get your business. Some states require a license for particular services. Therefore, it’s important to verify through the state before you move forward to protect you from fraud. For some appliance repair companies might falsely claim themselves to be certified when they are not.

These are some of the potential common scams that might occur when having your appliances repaired. Kindly do your research and get at least three companies to compare before deciding one for your appliance repair service. Doing a bit of this research may save you from spending more money in the process and prevent you from being scammed as well!

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