How the Smallest Water Leak Could Lead to Severe Damage

When discovering a small water leak in their house, people tend to ignore it, because they think it is just a tiny leak and it won’t be harmful. They don’t think that it requires a quick repair, so they manage to call a repairman when they have money for it. However, here is what most people don’t know, it is actually much better to get it repaired as soon as you discover the leak, because putting off the repair can transform the water leak into a severe damage. You certainly wouldn’t want to pay a fortune to repair your plumbing system, only because your water damage is wider, right?

If you have insurance for your house, it usually also covers for such issues related with water damage, for example the warped wooden floor. However, not all damages can be covered by the insurance. Therefore it is essential to know which problems can be covered by your insurance.

Most insurance won’t cover claim of damage from a water leak. So if you discover that your pipe is leaking, even though it is only a small hole, you should get it repaired as soon as possible, because you need to pay for the repair on your own at the end of the day. 

A small water leak could lead to severe damage if you leave it the way it is for a long time. In a few minutes as the leak happened, the water bursts will be absorbed by various items nearby. If you have books, documents, or photographs near the leaking pipe and you don’t move them, then you need to get ready for the potential damage like wet books and ripped papers. Or if the water is dirty and consists of harmful bacteria, it will contaminate your room. 

Moreover, in the next hours, the water leak could cause damage on your furniture and valuables, particularly those which are made by wood. The wooden furniture will start to crack and you will potentially find a damp wall in the water leak area. A water leak can also possibly bring the bad odors in your house.

Furthermore, if you still don’t repair the water leak for days, it could bring the bigger disadvantage to your house. You may need to replace your wooden floors, because it is buckling. The mold is potentially breeding in your house and makes your having an unpleasant smell. You will also discover rust on your metal items. These severe damages will urge you to remove those broken items and get the new one, which will absolutely cost you a fortune.

In conclusion, it doesn’t matter how big or small the leak, you should always take care of it straight away to prevent the severe damage from happening. If it is hard for you to spot where the leak is, we recommend you to call for a professional like Leak detection Melbourne to help you find the problem source and fix it.

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