Granny Flats: What You Need To Consider Before Building One

A granny flat is an attractive choice for those who are interested in making additional rooms for their loved ones, a working space at home, or gaining more income from a flat rental.  Before you hire granny flat builders in Sydney to build those unused rooms on your property into a granny flat, you should take these several aspects into consideration.

First of all, you have to check granny flat regulations in your area, to decide how much space you need for your flat. Although basic granny flats are well-known for their small area, the requirements may differ in each state and council. We recommend you to meet your local council and ask the approved size of granny flats in your area and the appropriate distance from boundaries. For instance, in many South Australians Councils, it is not allowed to build a granny flat for investment, because only an immediate family member can live in the building. Moreover, you should also check whether your local government has a specific rule for minimum and maximum size of the granny flat. For example, a granny flat in Tasmania must be less than 60 square meters.

Furthermore, you need to pay attention to the design you choose, whether it is the standard one or the custom-design flat. The standard ones are usually equipped with basic pre-built kits, which are affordable as well. Whereas the custom-design flats are still trendy, they will cost you a lot of money.

Finally, you have to consider some additional works like earthworks. The price will absolutely increase, if you have to do site clearance before building the flats. This involves the clearing of the site and demolitions works.

Basically, the amount of money you pay will reveal the flat you build. Therefore, analyze your internet resources and create your budget plan thoroughly, in order to make granny flats a good investment.

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