5 Photo Ideas to Capture the Growth of Your Little One

Time goes by and you might be paralyzed by it. Your kids are growing older, while you are having a hectic schedule at work. You started to miss most of the important milestone in their life. You probably were not always there on all their first time moments. Therefore, we highly recommend you to capture the growth of your little one, to keep those valuable moments forever. To recognize the growth of your little one from the picture, you need to do a regular photo session of them. You can do it monthly or yearly, it is up to you. But if your kid is still a baby, then we recommend you to take a picture of them monthly, to capture their development month by month. Here are five ideas that you can use to make the best portrait of the growth of your little one. 

First of all, you can simply just take a picture of them on the blanket. This won’t cost you more money to get the props, because you can just make use of the blanket in your home. To notice the growth of your baby, you can draw a ruler on the blanket to show how much they grow taller each month. You can use the erasable marker to draw the line on the blanket, so you can get rid of it by rinsing it with soap. Make sure that you write down the month you make a photo session on the blanket too, so you can recognize when it was taken as you review the picture years later.

The next creative idea that you can try is by making your baby wearing the same color shirt every month they get their picture taken. The easiest outfit choice would be the white or black plain shirt. Why should it be plain? So you can put a sticker on it! You can look for stickers or make your own stickers that show the month the picture is captured. This can be fun to look back because all pictures will look quite similar, because of the same outfit color, but you can recognize the difference by seeing how big your kid has grown into. 

Furthermore, you can also make use of your kid’s favorite stuffed toys as a property in the photo session. You need to use the same stuffed toys in the whole monthly photo session. This can be exciting to see how much changes your little one has made next to the stuffed toys from month to month. The stuffed toys will also boost the cuteness level of the picture.

Additionally, you can use the most beautiful or interesting spot in your house as the place of the photo session. So you can arrange a monthly photo session there. It will be fun to see the development your kid has made from not being able to do anything but laying on the bed, into being able to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, and so on.

Last but not least, you can manage to make your kid do the same pose in every monthly photo session. The results would look great to put from side to side, because of the differences your little one has made.

Those are the five ideas that you can try to make the great photos to show the growth of your little one. You can simply choose the most interesting one for your baby. It is equally important to ensure that you have someone who is capable to take the best photograph of your kids. It would be the best idea to hire a photographer to do a monthly photo session. A professional photographer has expertise in this field and is certainly able to operate a professional camera, to take the best portrait from every angle. They usually have decent tools and equipment that can support the photo session, like lighting, specific lens, background and many more. You can simply look the photographer in your area by browsing through the internet, for example if you are living in Sydney, then you can reach Sydney photographer. They usually upload their portfolio too on the internet, so you can freely choose the one whose portfolio meets your expectation. 

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